Meet Sandeep Vashist, the famed digital marketer and political strategist.

New Delhi [India] : Sandeep Vashist, a digital marketer turned political strategist based in New Delhi, has a success story that is powerful and inspirational. The story has the usual elements of challenges and hardships but also an unusual protagonist who has worked hard through them all. He is an engineer, social activist and political consultant working with big names in the country associated with different political parties.

Sandeep came from a humble background and started his journey as a regular middle-class youth. He studied hard and graduated with a Bachelor of technology and done Master of Business administration. On asking about this entry into this field, Sandeep said, “I always harboured a dream of making society better for poor people and making politics a better place for newcomers. I have worked in some leading companies to acquire management skills and thus worked toward my dream. These companies also helped me to gain exposure to digital marketing and operations. This interest in politics stems from my love for Hindu Rashtra; since I was in school, I have loved history and was intrigued by its impact.

Sandeep Vashist, a pioneer political consultant who runs a digital marketing company in Delhi, said, “Everyone has witnessed the power of social media in politics since the early 2010s. Now, all those in the early stages of their political careers should keep their presence firmly on social media platforms.

If two things have kept the world going despite the COVID-19 lockdown, one is the internet, and the second was Ramayana which on-aired again after several decades. Thousands of stories about Bollywood celebrities, start-ups, and innovations facilitated by digital PR have made the internet a saviour in these times. Online marketing has exploded like anything, and every business out there is trying to utilize online channels these days.

We asked for his input and suggestion for the cyber frauds going on with the name of Online digital courses. Sandeep said, “Indeed learning will always help to increase our knowledge and open many doors for our better career, learning through these courses may help you to learn new skills and furnish your talent. But it is equally important to check and cross-verify the fake gurus and scammers before buying such online courses. You should always check your teacher’s credibility, reviews, skill set and career track. They might be a fraud and vanish as soon as you give them money.”


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