Meet Manish Buradkar, a civil engineer turned sculptor crafting his name in the world of arts

Yavatmal (Maharashtra) [India]: Born in a family of sculptors, this civil engineer has scaled new heights in the world of arts. Meet Manish Buradkar, who left his high-paying job as a civil engineer to join the heredity art of sculpting.

Manish was born in a family of sculptors in 1992. Manish studied Civil Engineering at Pune University, but he was determined to do something new, and he was dreaming about building a business that he would own. But he did not have any prior experience with this, nor did he have any links in the industry, so he decided to do everything on his own and start from scratch.

“I did want to start my own business, but the financial condition of my family wasn’t so ideal. I was determined that I would start something of my own, so I started my online,” says Manish when asked how he started his business. In the initial phase, it was hard for his parents to adjust to a new city like Pune. Facing all the hardships during the initial phase of his start-up, he took the risk and started a business selling art online like handcrafts and sculptures, home and office décor, and the chain started. The business started when he began selling Ganpati online. The art was loved by people, and they showered love on him, and his business started growing rapidly. 

Manish used his skills, knowledge and experience to start a business, and he says, “I learnt about art and art form from my brother, Pankaj Buradkar and my father, Sudhakar Buradkar.” Although his initial business was online, he wanted to make a shift towards the offline mode, but he did not get the proper opportunity then.

But as he got in-hand experience, he saw the doors about how he could expand his business and took it to another level. They started taking orders for decorative items from the construction sector and various other sectors through which they made their presence across different industries. Today, Buradkar’s company has worked with many reputed companies in Pune.


Manish has received various awards for his work, and his art has been appreciated by various dignitaries.


In 2019, Manish Buradkar was honoured with the Cotton City Youth Icon Award in Mumbai. He has been awarded the State Level Ideal Business Entrepreneurship Award 2020 by the Manushyabal Vikas Lokseva Academy, Mumbai, and on September 15, 2020, in Pune, and the list goes on and on.

When Vikas was asked about his success, and if he would like to say something about it, he said, “I attribute my success to my parents and my family. Even though they initially resisted, I later realized that it was a matter of concern. Growing up in an art family, being close to art and artists inspires me to work harder in this field.”


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