Dr Anju Sharma renowned sound healing expert felicitated at Times Achiever Award 2022

Mumbai: Stress has become an unavoidable part of our everyday lives. Everyone is stressed for one cause or another, and it is affecting their health. Because stress is a probable cause of many chronic illnesses, it is critical to de-stress in order to live a long and healthy life. While there are other stress-relieving treatments, sound baths are emerging as the simplest and most efficient alternative therapy for de-stressing the mind and body. Dr. Anju Sharma, Sound Healing Master, Psychic Reformer, and Holistic-Wellness Coach, just published ‘Brahm se Brahmaand,’ a book about sound healing and how it may heal you both within and externally.

The prestigious Times achiever award 2022 function, held on 10 October at a 5- star Novotel hotel in Juhu, Mumbai, was presented by TIMES ASCENT to felicitate today’s individuals for their brilliance and competence to inspire, lead, and encourage people worldwide. Dr Mathew Koshy was conferred with the felicitated by acclaimed director of this year’s blockbuster film Bhulbhulaya 2, Mr AneesBazmee and gorgeous Bollywood actress Huma Qureshi.

What is a sound bath?

Just like how a relaxing shower after a tiring day makes you feel better, a sound bath aims at mitigating emotional, mental as well as physical stress. This offers restorative effects using natural sounds, music and voice. The therapeutic effect of sound plays a pivotal role in harmonizing the entire system. A therapist uses natural sounds with melody and rhythm to help you overcome all the triggers.

A sound bath is carried out using differently tuned instruments like singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, chimes and sruti boxes. Different sounds channelize different frequencies when you listen to them and that is what helps you conquer your problems.

Sound Bath to De-stress

In her book‘Brahm se Brahmaand’, Dr. Anju Sharma has explained how sound can help regain a sense of wholeness in the body. It can balance your emotions, relax your mental worries and tune your mind and body. The harmonic vibrations created by these instruments stimulate brain waves that are associated with a peaceful mental state that is highly conducive to holistic healing. The benefits of sound therapy are very similar to meditation which is why therapists also refer to this practice as sound meditation. Including sound in your meditation can double up the benefits and doing it regularly is found to bring surprising results.

Anxiety relief and relaxation

Sound bath is a great way to experience deep relaxation but apart from this, it is also helpful in dealing with anxiety and chronic stress. These can cause sleep issues, digestive issues, cognitive decline and many more health concerns. Sound bath can effectively manage stress and anxiety to nullify the aforesaid problems. Rightly said, sound bath therapy can reset whole body functions. It slows down the heart and lung functions to build a therapeutic effect on your system. Listening to soothing sounds releases stress by lowering stress hormones which is the ultimate pathway to stability.

 The book also illustrates how sound therapy can aid patients with chronic illnesses. Sounds positively impact the nervous system and put it on reset mode to treat the triggers. Pains, traumas and ill-functioning can be tackled through regular sessions of sound bath which is completely safe. Imagine a chronically ill patient getting better without medications just by listening to some therapeutic sounds. This is a completely new experience but worth a try. It is better to have a therapist to guide you for sound bath to unlock all the benefits.

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