BYJU’S Celebrates Creativity and Education through Lens On World Photography Day

● BYJU’S employees celebrated World Photography Day with the children of CHILD, Children Home in Chennai.

● The museum tour aimed to ignite their imaginations and foster a love for learning.

Chennai (Tamil Nadu), August 21: Major EdTech brand BYJU’S came together on the special occasion of World Photography Day to create an unforgettable experience for the children of CHILD, Children’s Home in Chennai. The day was marked by a captivating visit to the renowned Government Museum Chennai, a cultural treasure trove where the children immersed themselves in history, art, and the magic of photography.

The day commenced with the children’s eyes aglow with curiosity and excitement as they entered the gates of the Government Museum. Accompanied by dedicated volunteers, they embarked on a journey through time and culture, exploring a diverse collection of artifacts and exhibits. 

Guided by enthusiastic volunteers, the children actively participated in interactive discussions during the tour. They not only discovered the history and heritage of Chennai but also connected with the stories behind the exhibits. The engagement encouraged them to think critically and ask questions, thereby enriching their learning experience.

The highlight of the day was the photography workshop, where each child was armed with a camera and had the freedom to capture the world as they saw it. Venturing into the museum’s nooks and crannies, they embarked on a quest to immortalize unique angles, intriguing details, and candid moments of their peers and surroundings. Through the lens, they discovered their power to freeze time and tell stories, no matter how young or small they might be.

The workshop wasn’t just about photography but about self-expression and creativity. As the children captured moments with their cameras, they also captured a piece of their unique perspectives. The activity empowered them to channel their inner artists, offering a medium to share their thoughts, ideas, and emotions.

The event was more than a day of exploration; it was a testament to the power of education, creativity, and community engagement. It showcased how small efforts can lead to a significant impact on the lives of young individuals. The smiles on the children’s faces as they roamed the museum and captured their visions through the camera lens indicated the joy and empowerment they experienced.

To educate 10 million students by 2025, this event was part of BYJU’S Education For All initiative. It also served as a reminder that education is not confined to textbooks and classrooms. Learning can happen anywhere, and creativity knows no bounds. Byju’s volunteers and CHILD, Children Home joined hands to allow these young minds to embrace both learning and creativity in an unconventional yet effective manner.

As the sun set on this remarkable day, the children left the museum with a newfound appreciation for history, art, and the magic of photography. The event’s impact extended beyond its duration, inspiring the children to continue exploring the world through their unique lenses.

EktHa Sachdev, Marketing Associate, BYJU’S “Seeing the world through the eyes of these young photographers was an incredibly heartwarming experience. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and their ability to find beauty in the every day was truly inspiring.”

Anushree G, Marketing Associate, BYJU’S “World Photography Day wasn’t just a single day’s endeavor; it was a catalyst for growth, both for the children and myself. It was a day when we didn’t just capture images; we captured moments of growth, empowerment, and connection.”

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