Brain Mapping for Success: Dr. Nilesh Pawaskar’s New Approach to Growth

New Delhi (India), June 19: Dr. Nilesh Pawaskar – Founder, Wego Library Foundation, Nashik. He has been awarded “Honorary Doctorate” for his work in building Patent Ecosystem & Social service in India. Chartered Marketer, Post Graduate in Marketing, Honours Marketing , Electrical Engineer. He is expert in financial engineering & currently advising on E-commerce sales to Small, Mid size Brands.

Simple is scalable. Use this book you if you desire to grow exponentially. this is self-help book designed to get you clarity about how you think about your business or relationship. how to do MRI scan of your brain by brain map exercise. design your personal and professional growth. This book will help shopkeepers, large businesses, professionals and resurrect and rebuild your relationships.

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Let’s delve into the author’s insights.

Q1. How This Book Can Help You Hack Growth?

In the quest for growth, simplicity is often the key to scalability. This book serves as a roadmap for those who aspire to achieve exponential growth in their personal and professional endeavours. Designed as a self-help guide, its primary aim is to provide clarity on how you perceive your business or relationships and empower you to unlock your full potential. Through brain mapping exercises, akin to conducting an MRI scan of your brain, you’ll gain profound insights into your beliefs and perceptions.

1. Clarity Through Brain Mapping:

The book introduces you to the concept of brain mapping, a powerful tool for gaining insight into your thought processes. Through brain map exercises, you’ll learn how to conduct an MRI scan of your own brain, gaining clarity on your beliefs, perceptions, and strategies.

2. Personal and Professional Growth:

By delving into the exercises and insights offered in this book, you’ll be equipped to design your own path to personal and professional growth. Whether you’re a small shopkeeper, a leader of a large corporation, or a professional seeking to advance your career, the principles outlined in this book are universally applicable.

3. Resurrect and Rebuild Relationships:

In addition to business growth, this book also addresses the importance of relationships. By understanding the dynamics of your interactions and thought patterns, you’ll be better equipped to navigate and improve your relationships, fostering understanding, trust, and harmony.

This book is a comprehensive guide for anyone seeking to hack growth in their personal and professional lives. Through its practical exercises, insightful observations, and actionable strategies, you’ll gain the tools and clarity needed to embark on a transformative journey towards success. Whether you’re looking to grow your business, advance your career, or enhance your relationships, this book offers a roadmap for achieving your goals and realising your fullest potential.

Q2. Do You Know How to Do It?

Embarking on the journey of growth hacking through brain mapping requires a systematic approach and a commitment to self-discovery. This section of book outlines the steps involved in harnessing the power of brain mapping to gain clarity and unlock growth potential.

1. Draw Brain Map: Begin by drawing your initial brain map, representing your current thoughts and perceptions about the subject at hand. Be truthful and honest in your depiction, allowing your thoughts to flow freely onto the paper.

2. Do Corrections: Upon completing your first brain map, take the time to review and analyse it. Identify any areas of confusion, inconsistency, or blockages in your thinking. Make corrections as needed to ensure accuracy and clarity.

3. Repeat the Process: This may involve performing brain mapping exercises fortnightly, weekly, or even daily.

4. Identify Blockages and Work on Strengths: With each iteration, you’ll gain valuable insights, overcome obstacles, and unlock new pathways for growth and success. Embrace the process with honesty and openness, and let the power of brain mapping make your thinking easy and transformational.

Q3. Reason for Writing This Book

The impetus behind writing this book stems from a deep-seated desire to empower individuals to overcome barriers to growth and unlock their full potential. Through my experiences and interactions with countless individuals, I have witnessed firsthand the common struggles faced by people across various aspects of life.

Q4. Who would derive benefits from the book?

From business owners grappling with stagnation despite having great potential, to professionals yearning for growth in their careers, to married couples navigating the complexities of relationships these challenges are unique. I observed a common thread: the camouflage of thoughts that hindered progress and clarity.

Q5. What are the key takeaways from the book? 

MRI Brain – How to draw Brain map?

Let’s start the MRI Brain exercise by drawing a brain map to explore your thoughts and perceptions about the principles learned from management and self-help books. 

Remember that self-assessment is an ongoing process, and it’s okay to reassess and adjust your course as needed to continue growing and evolving.

Can I see inside my Brain? Brain map will give us exact scan of how we think about subject. 

Certainly! Here’s how we can learn to create a simple Brain map to represent various types of thoughts that come to mind when thinking about a specific subject:

Be honest and open with yourself as you explore your thoughts on the subject.

Once you’ve completed the brain map drawing, you’ll have a visual representation of the various thoughts and ideas associated with the subject, providing valuable insights into your perception and understanding. We’ll gain valuable insights into how you perceive and engage with the principles you’ve learned, providing a clearer understanding of your mindset and potential areas for growth.

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